Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship in USA 2023

Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship in USA 2023
Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship in USA 2023

Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship in USA 2023: Is cyber security the job of your dreams? Open now in the USA is the Exabeam Cyber security Scholarship program. Passionate youth are being called by the opportunity. The scholarship for cyber security is sponsored by ExaGals. hence making it possible for women to take part. Women will receive cyber security training. This is a wonderful chance. Exabeam plans to employ many techniques employed by expert security analysis teams. In light of this, this curriculum instructs students in the detection, investigation, and response to threats (TDIR). To take advantage of this opportunity, female students majoring in computer sciences, cyber security, or other related subjects are encouraged. Investigate other career paths in cyber security.

Exabeam combats both common and serious security risks. For the first time, a scholarship is being awarded to women in the USA. This grant is intended for women who are committed to advancing their professions. Join this program to take the first step toward your own development. Given the development in cyber security, Exabeam is introducing a novel strategy for boosting women’s engagement.

To advance in their careers, women must take part in this program. Students who get the award will also be eligible for a paid summer internship. The internship program has a lot more advantages. Do not pass up this opportunity if your previous degree has an average grade of 3.0. Exabeam also broadens your understanding in both academic and practical areas. Learn about applicable tools and strategies as well.

Exabeam is a well-known brand in the cyber security sector. The business is willing to help women. Additionally, assisting the entire world in finding rapid, dependable solutions to problems. Exabeam aims to prevent security damage. Scholarship recipients get insights based on analysis.

More details about Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship in USA

Location: USA

Financial coverage: Partially Funded

last date to apply : July 31, 2022

Eligibility Criteria

The following qualifies applicants for the Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship:

  • Candidates must be citizens of the United States of America or the District of Columbia.
  • Additionally, applicants must be women.
  • should be older than 16 years old.
  • admitted to a higher education facility after secondary school.
  • Participants had to have at least a 3.0 GPA.


The Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship has the advantages listed below:

  • A $10,000 prize is given to the scholarship winner.
  • The second prize winner will get $5,000.
  • exposure to cybersecurity information and resources.
  • Possibility of a compensated summer internship.
  • personal and professional development.

Selection criteria:

  • Academic transcripts.
  • Contributions to work.
  • Video clarity.
  • Clear response to asked questions

How to Apply

  • Students are required to email their application materials. The email address is provided on the company website.
  • Mention the “Exabeam Cybersecurity Scholarship” in the message subject line.
  • Include your name and phone number.
  • Please email your academic transcripts with them attached.
  • Include a video link of you responding to the following inquiries:
  • Who or what inspired you to create this scholarship?
  • Or who motivates you to apply for this scholarship?
  • Why should women be hired in the cybersecurity sector?
  • Highlight your contributions to the relevant field’s cybersecurity.
  • Why should they give you this scholarship, please?
  • Send an email including all of the criteria.

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