IUCN Leader Forum | Fully Funded In South Korea

IUCN Leader Forum | Fully Funded
IUCN Leader Forum | Fully Funded In South Korea

IUCN Leader Forum | Fully Funded In South Korea : Every year, the IUCN Leaders Forum brings together influential people from all over the world to discuss cutting-edge solutions to pressing global issues, make audacious promises, form alliances, and spark action for meaningful change in nature conservation and sustainability.

The theme of this year’s IUCN Leaders Forum, “Building nature-positive economies and societies,” will be presented from October 13–15, 2022, in Jeju Province, Republic of Korea.

Objectives of IUCN Leader Forum

  • Gather prominent and creative leaders (from the public and business sectors, civil society, and sub-national governments, among others) in order to forge new partnerships, discover creative solutions, and advance the global agenda on this topic;
  • create a forum for discussion of new topics and influence market dynamics in the future about environmental and climate-related challenges;
  • Provide a platform for young changemakers so they may spread the word about their initiatives and build connections with possible partners in the public and business sectors to further their projects.

Benefits of IUCN Leader Forum

  • Access for delegates to the IUCN Leaders Forum in Jeju Province, Republic of Korea from October 13–15, 2022, includes a unique chance to introduce your project to important international leaders from business, government, and civil society.
  • Jeju hotel accommodations from October 12 through October 16, 2022.
  • Return journey to the Korean Republic’s Jeju Province.
  • Covered meals and other costs during the entire stay in Jeju.

Eligibility for IUCN Leader Forum

If any of the following apply to you as an IUCN Leaders Forum Changemaker:

  • ages 18 to 35*.
  • possess a proven track record of innovation and leadership in the domains of sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity, and/or environment protection.
  • are presently engaged in innovative work that is or will support the development of economies and societies that value nature.

Application Process

IUCN will choose IUCN Leaders Forum Changemakers from a shortlist developed by One Young World. To be considered for One Young World’s shortlist, please fill out the application found at the link below.


Application Deadline: 6:00PM BST – 5 August 2022

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