Scholarships for Africa

Scholarships for Africa
Scholarships for Africa

Scholarships for Africa are open now . Due to escalating educational prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult for students to continue their education and achieve their aspirations; for most students, college is costly due to its high tuition structure. With our scholarships, we help to alleviate financial hardship by supporting college costs for deserving and aspiring students, making education more accessible to them.

Eligibility Criteria for Scholarships for Africa

Student should be citizens of the eligible countries listed on our official website.


This aims at extending the reach of AHF assistance beyond the Europe and also sponsoring result oriented researches in various disciplines across the world.


After applying and submitting your application. We will keep contacting you for all the updates about the progress of your application. Always confirm the email of which you receive information to avoid being misled by unrecognized third parties. If in doubt about any messages purported to be from us, contact us at : [email protected]

Duration for review, application and disbursement of funds is as follows; Individual or organizational proposals submitted are reviewed and the applicants are contacted about the results of their applications with in the next 20 and 40 working days respectively and if approved the funds are disbursed immediately on approval.

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