Unilever Summer Internship 2022 – Paid Internship

Unilever Summer Internship 2022 – Paid Internship
Unilever Summer Internship 2022 – Paid Internship

Unilever Summer Internship 2022 – Paid Internship: Unilever has announced its summer internship programme for 2022. It does not require applicants to have an IELTS score. Graduates who desire to leave an indelible mark on the world should apply. It’s an internship that spans the globe. Anyone from anywhere in the world is eligible to apply. Interns are assigned mentors through the international internship programme. Interns will also be exposed to more hands-on work. Enjoy working with Unilever’s talented and professional people.

It’s your chance to work for a corporation that operates in over 190 countries. Be a part of a 148,000-strong team. Working at Unilever can help you advance in your career. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you. After demonstrating a desire to work and learn, the intern will be considered for employment.

Unilever is a multinational corporation based in the United Kingdom. It is a consumer goods corporation headquartered in London. Food, condiments, ice creams, cleaning agents, cosmetic goods, and personal care products are among the company’s offerings. Unilever presently owns almost 400 different brands. These are well-known all across the world. Unilever is currently one of the most well-known corporations in the world.

This paid internship is a fantastic place to begin your career. Each year, a diverse range of internship opportunities are available. These are available to people all across the world. This is your opportunity to enter the realm of challenges.

Here are more details about the Unilever Summer Internship

Areas of Internship:

  • Marketing
  • Research & Development
  • Customer Development
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Legal
  • Ben and Jerry’s Factory
  • Procurement

Financial coverage: Paid

Eligibility Criteria for Unilever Summer Internship 2022

The following are the requirements for the Unilever Summer Internship:

  • Applicants from any country are eligible to apply.
  • Various internship opportunities are available for various nations; examine the requirements before applying.
  • A bachelor’s degree is required for graduation. (This equates to 16 years of study.)
  • Check the facts and conditions before applying. Each role has its own set of requirements.

Benefits :

The following benefits will be provided through the Unilever Summer Internship:

  • Unilever internships can lead to full-time employment.
  • Interns receive a market-competitive stipend. It will be paid on a monthly basis.
  • Interns are provided with benefits such as a gym membership, health services, and a medical examination.
  • Practical work experience.
  • Interns will be mentored one-on-one.
  • A chance to work for a corporation that is well-known in 190 countries.

other Details

  1. Summer internship:

A 12-week internship programme is available.
Every year in June, the programme begins.

  1. Placement in Industry:

It’s a one-year placement programme.
It assigns students to certain roles.
Every year in June, it starts.

How To Apply

  • The Unilever Summer Internship application is only available online.
  • Unilever’s official website can be found here.
  • Go to the ‘careers’ section of the website.
  • Check out starting your career’ if you’re a recent graduate or student.
  • You can use the filters to find an internship programme.
  • Check out the ‘experienced careers’ section if you’re an experienced person or a postgraduate.

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